Case Studies

Fully-Managed Clouds

Biarca’s engineers and cloud architects are backed by an equally-skilled global managed services and support organizations, strongly committed to customer success. We offer a range of standard support options, contact mechanisms and response-time SLAs behind projects such as customized cloud builds, greenfield cloud applications, custom CI/CD solution integration, DevOps automation and other work-products, and we are happy to discuss non-standard terms, if requested. Our services organization also offers a portfolio of ways Biarca can help you manage clouds and complex systems, all the way up to turn-key cloud operations management.

Biarca also promotes customer choice and freedom from lock-in. On request, we will propose and commit to a transfer plan and schedule whereby your team can be trained to gradually assume control of systems, enabling Biarca to withdraw and assume a supporting role.



Abandoning classic “waterfall” development in favor of short release cycles, CI/CD, configuration management, and ubiquitous automation is a daunting prospect for many organizations. Development teams often feel torn between the demands of the business, day to day, and the requirements of their CI/CD journey. What might have been transformative projects sometimes fail, as a result

Biarca’s Devops-as-a-Service practice can help your organization route around these natural roadblocks. Let us work with you to specify your CI/CD process, then build and manage it for you while you’re learning. Your team gets to experience the benefits of Biarca’s DevOps expertise: smooth-running sprints, automated testing, and successful releases, while learning how to manage your own CI infrastructure and getting accustomed to changed conditions.


Creation and Management of Cinder Driver

A leading all-flash storage company found its current and potential customers embracing OpenStack and approached Biarca to help make its flash arrays OpenStack compliant right away. Biarca proposed the implementation of a Cinder driver to provide end users a self-service, OpenStack-compliant API for configuring the company’s flash arrays. Biarca developed and tested a Cinder driver for Fiber Channel and iSCSI interfaces, went through the rigorous OpenStack review process and merged the driver into the then current release of OpenStack software. Biarca also created Cinder driver patches for prior releases to support end users running those releases. READ MORE