Cohesive Cloud – Modern Replatforming


Infrastructure modernization is top of mind with most organizations, since leveraging cloud technology means an increase in revenues and efficiencies. Biarca helps clients engineer compliant turnkey private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions. Compliant cloud infrastructure (deployed as code) ensures repeatability, scalability, flexibility and reliability in provisioning cloud environments.

Compliance + DevSecOps + Site Reliability Engineering

DevSecOps is at the heart and soul of every cloud solution we build. Even though this can be a paradigm shift for IT operations, it is vital for supporting secure agile development processes.

Using the best of breed DevSecOps tools and practices, Biarca designs, builds and manages cloud and on premise CI/CD pipelines, with a view to keep “good going” with principles of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). We build secure and compliant cloud applications for automation and enhanced manageability.

Our areas of expertise lies in the following areas:

  • Compliance readiness
  • Containerization (Kubernetes)
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) for Cloud
  • Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
  • Agile Development Processes
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Configuration Management
  • Real-time compliance monitoring
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Case Study: Log Processing at Hyperscale

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Event-Driven Automation

Our Approach to Infrastructure Modernization:


Benefits of Infrastructure Modernization Include:
  • Spend reduction through the use of cloud “pay as you go” services (CapEx vs. OpEx)
  • Increased performance
  • Increased manageability
  • Increased availability
  • Capacity agility
  • Reduced IT Ops resource costs
Application Re-Engineering – Cloud Native Applications

A key part of an organization’s cloud journey involves migrating, optimizing and securing existing applications to run on cloud native frameworks. Biarca’s cloud native service adoption practice brings to the table a comprehensive understanding of modern cloud native application development. This includes direct use of containers and their orchestration frameworks. Decomposition of the applications to “twelve factor” microservice aggregations (along with the use of productive coding paradigms) can help to ensure cohesive, compliant and durable cloud applications.

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