Breaches Happen Don’t Worry we’ve got you covered with ALWAYS Secure

“Always Secure, Always Available”

In order to help our clients maintain secure and compliant cloud environments, we offer monthly cloud support focused on security and high availability to minimize downtime.

ALWAYS Available (Site Reliability)

Powered by Biarca’s best practices and IP, our “ALWAYS Available” program takes a data-driven approach to high availability, security and compliance so business partners have access to their information anytime, anywhere. Through constant monitoring of your environment, we are able to make monthly recommendations for sustained availability and suggest incremental improvements based on updates and new product releases from our cloud partners. A key part of Site Reliability at Biarca is ensuring security and compliance throughout the product life-cycle.

How it works:

  • The first step is to confirm that your cloud environment was developed with “highly available” design principles. From there, we work to understand your internal SLAs, security and compliance posture and budgets to support our remediation activities, if applicable.
  • Using Biarca’s “ALWAYS Available” framework, we load your cloud infrastructure, system, application and user logs for analysis. From that, we can glean actionable insights on your cloud environment.
  • Through our continuous monitoring and the implementation of cloud native hooks, we provide timely alerts of unforeseen events like security or compliance breaches.
  • If desired, Biarca can remediate issues (on a timely basis) to ensure minimal downtime.
  • Once a month, we meet with your team to review performance, issue resolution and recommendations for your environments (based on new product releases).
Biarca’s global engineering team provides confidence in your cloud environments through two programs:
  • ALWAYS Available Monitoring and Alerting
  • ALWAYS Available Full Service (Monitoring, Alerting and Remediation)

ALWAYS Secure (Managed Security)

In today’s volatile digital climate, threats can – and often do – occur. With Biarca’s “ALWAYS Secure” services, we have your security and compliance covered. Using a data-driven approach to security while incorporating best practices for Cloud IAM, we model your security requirements. From there, we offer two programs:

  • ALWAYS Secure Monitoring and Alerting
  • ALWAYS Secure Full Service (Monitoring, Alerting and Remediation)
Google Cloud Partner
Google Cloud’s infrastructure is designed, built, operated and protected by top experts in information security, application security and network security. This infrastructure provides secure deployment of services, secure storage of data with end user privacy safeguards, secure communications between services, secure and private communication with customers over the internet, and safe operation by administrators.

Biarca has received Google Cloud’s security specialization, demonstrating our success in securing customer infrastructure and workflows to GCP. Some of the cloud projects worked by Biarca’s team of security experts involved providing comprehensive security guidance & implementation for PHI data on Google Cloud, moving on-prem applications to the cloud for enhanced security, agility & automated operations and prepare customers for SOC 2 Type I & II Certifications.