Compliance is another important element of Biarca security and compliance practice. Biarca’s expertise lies in industry standard practices such as HIPAA, NIST, PCI DATA to name a few.
 Case study

GCP solution security & compliance audit for leading health care system in Denver, CO

GCP-based solution to have PHI Data Isolation, ensuring HIPAA compliance.

 Case Study

SOC 2 certification readiness for a “Data Operations” company

While staying focused on product development involving customer data, customer wanted to be prepared for SOC 2 Certifications.

 Case Study

Development, deployment, and management of openStack cinder driver for a flash storage manufacturer

Customer chooses to make its flash arrays OpenStack compliant.


How compliance prevents the spread of a “Virus”

How an uncontained biological virus devastated communities and wreaked havoc to economies. It has brought social and economic chaos globally.


Tech talk – secure and compliant research with Google Cloud

Securely provision cloud resources, ingest data, draw data insights, access data for research, and to develop solutions while remaining HIPAA and PHI compliant


Tech talk – enabling security first for research IT

Discussion on how to enable a security first mindset, identify potential technology and organizational challenges, discuss tools and insights that promote positive outcomes.


Cloud talk: security demystified

Cloud Security has several facets and can seem very complex. In this edition of CloudTalk, see Dr. Kris Rajana breakdown cloud security into an easy to understand format.