Company Overview


At Biarca, we simplify complex business problems through the use of cutting-edge technologies and expert engineering teams. With our knowledge of the top cloud platforms and open source solutions, we provide our clients with cohesive cloud environments and resilient IT programs that support business innovation.

Our Vision

Enable secure and compliant IT environments so organizations can focus on making the world a better place

Our Mission

To build innovative security solutions that simplify complex technical environments

Our Values

  • Be Innovative
  • Be Security Driven
  • Be Accountable
  • Be Optimistic
  • Be Intentional


Biarca believes in the power of giving back. We work with organization at a global level, and are committed to advancing the human workforce by supporting mentoring and educational programs. This helps provide pathways for people to gain real-world experience and further the growth of our collective human resources. We support the following organizations and believe strongly in each of their causes.


Advisory Board Members


Pratham innovates, measures and scales low-cost programs that improve learning outcomes while influencing education policy to meet the needs of underprivileged children and youth across India. Our programs have provided access to quality education to over 58 million underprivileged children in India during the past two decades.


Impact Resource Investors

PeopleShores is a for-profit social enterprise with a charter to bring technology-driven jobs to the ‘shores’ of economically challenged communities in the United States through ‘Impact Sourcing’. We empower young adults and members of these communities by developing, honing and enhancing their professional skills; offering them employment with clear cut paths to long and successful careers. This goal is achieved through the establishment of technology and business process centres that offer compelling business propositions to companies that outsource these services.
PeopleShores is promoted by a group of highly accomplished industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs in the United States of America – all of whom share a common passion for social good. The collective endeavour is a compelling business proposition but with an embedded social cause; essentially, creating values through values.

women lead

Global Business Advisor, Subha Rajana

Women lead at work, through community engagement, philanthropy, political action, and in their own investing. How Women Lead elevates diverse women leaders in the corporate, public, philanthropic, and nonprofit sectors by cultivating a robust network that trains, invests in, and connects women executives who are catalysts in their fields. Let’s transform the way we see women leaders, starting with us!