Migration/Cloud Native Solutions

Biarca’s cloud expertise allows us to advise, plan, orchestrate, and execute secure migration to Google Cloud, multi-cloud deployments, and develop cloud native solutions.
Case Study

Application migration to public cloud for a health platform

Prestigious hospital/university moved applications to the cloud for greater security, agility, access to managed services and increased automated operations management.

Case study

Application migration to public cloud for a mobile video-on-demand service

Client’s moved applications to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), leveraging GCP’s Cloud SQL, GCE, Kubernetes, VPN and networking features.


A Google BigQuery approach to insights

Data has stolen the limelight in the technology space today. The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.


Google Cloud AI for Intelligent Content Discovery

Since the turn of the millennium, digital assets of all kinds has become an increasingly significant part of our daily experience.