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Migration of a Health Registry Platform to Public Cloud

Prestigious hospital/university in the Bay Area with several hundred users and researchers having huge on-premise infrastructure, aimed to move their applications to the cloud for greater security, agility, scalability, high availability, use managed services and add automated operations. Biarca successfully moved all the client’s applications to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with the highest security by … READ MORE

HSCN Private Connectivity to Google Cloud Platform

UK’s Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) is a standards-based network that provides a reliable, efficient and flexible way for health and care organizations to access and exchange electronic information. For a Health Technology company that is NOT a health care provider, it’s mandatory to ONLY go through a recognized 3rd party service provider along … READ MORE

Heroku to GCP/GKE Migration

Leading provider of distributed generation storage and energy services out of California, developed a unique and industry-leading solar sales platform for channel partners, resulting in optimized sales cycles and increased market share. The platform was built on Salesforce Heroku, which has proven to be costly, minimally-configurable, and non-standard vs modern cloud providers. They sought a … READ MORE

RSA Security Conference – A Retrospective

This year the RSA conference started quietly amidst Coronavirus news from across the globe. 14 companies pulled out before the event started including IBM and AT&T with Google announcing it would be delivering it’s NEXT conference digitally a week later. The theme of this year’s event “The Human Element” given the circumstances, was quite fitting. … READ MORE

How Compliance Prevents the spread of a “Virus”

In the last few weeks & months, we have gradually seen how an uncontained biological virus can devastate communities and wreak havoc to economies of the regions. It has brought social and economic chaos globally. When it eventually is contained and comes to pass, by all accounts, it will likely leave a heavy trail of … READ MORE

Google Cloud AI for Intelligent Content Discovery

Since the turn of the millennium, digital assets of all kinds has become an increasingly significant part of our daily experience. Every day, we consume and interact with photos, audiovisual media, text documents, E-Mails and a multitude of other digital formats. Navigating all of these digital assets creates challenges for Enterprises and end-users alike. Users … READ MORE