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Accelerate Your Research With Google Cloud Platform

As a Google Premier Partner, Biarca enables your research infrastructure using Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) rapid speed, vast data storage, and intensive processing power. Our offerings support a broad range of academic subjects and research disciplines on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud has been proven to be secure, scalable while allowing you to propel your research with big data and harness the ML/AI capabilities to drive insights from your data. Google Cloud is helping to transform the fields of research, teaching, learning, and beyond. With advanced analytics, machine learning services, and APIs, researchers can transform data into valuable insights quickly and easily and move from bold ideas to big discoveries. Speed up analysis from days to minutes and empower seamless collaboration across institutions.

Biarca, a higher education research technology enabler, has extensive experience working with reputable teaching and research hospitals and universities. We can facilitate your enablement and leveraging of Google Cloud. With our HIPAA and PHI data compliance expertise, we can help you expedite your research for the greater good of our world.

New Case Studies

HIPAA Compliant
mHealth System
Supporting Healthcare Efficiencies

Application Migration to Public Cloud for a Health Platform

Prestigious hospital/university in the Bay Area with several researchers and an on-premise infrastructure for its applications. The customer aimed to move the applications to the cloud for greater security, agility, access to managed services and increased automated operations management. Biarca successfully designed the solution to deploy all the client’s applications to the Google Cloud Platform…

Implementation of Managed, Persistent Disk based File Server on GCP, for a Leading Medical Enterprise

A leading medical enterprise found its users’ storage requirements were increasing steadily and also envisioned a need for analytics. Expanding storage on the existing, on-premise, Windows-based file server required substantial CapEx & ongoing OpEx for maintenance, without completely addressing the need for analytics. Biarca’s Cloud experts seamlessly integrated the enterprise’s on-premise system with GCP’s Cloud…READ MORE

GCP Solution Security & Compliance Audit for Leading Health Care System in Denver, CO

Leading health care system out of Denver. The customer was looking for a comprehensive security guidance for the genomics research project designed for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with the main goal of securing PHI data from misuse and unauthorized access. Prior to this, the customer already assessed Google’s physical network and platform level security with… READ MORE

Application Migration to Public Cloud for a Mobile Video-on-Demand Service

A global mobile video-on-demand service with millions of subscribers had an on-premise infrastructure for its applications. It aimed to move the applications to the cloud for greater agility, scalability, high availability, access to managed services and more automated operations management. Biarca successfully moved all the client’s applications to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), leveraging GCP’s Cloud… READ MORE

Biarca Tech Talk: Enabling Security First for Research IT
In our ongoing effort to continue to address your questions on Accelerating your research with Google Cloud, Biarca hosted our second Tech Talk: Enabling Security First for Research IT

  • How to enable a security first mindset
  • Identify potential technology and organizational challenges
  • Discuss tools and insights that promote positive outcomes
Biarca Tech Talk: Secure and Compliant Research with Google Cloud
In this recording of Tech Talk, Biarca, a Google Premier Partner, discusses how you can leverage Google Cloud for secure and compliant research, especially with sensitive data. In the video, Biarca shares how to securely:

  • Provision cloud resources
  • Ingest data from distributed sources with HIPAA and PHI compliance
  • Draw data insights, access data for research, and to develop solutions
“A pool of $20 million in Google Cloud credits for academic institutions and researchers to leverage our computing capabilities and infrastructure as they study potential therapies and vaccines, track critical data, and identify new ways to combat COVID-19.”  Read more-Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet

Google Cloud & Harvard Global Health Institute Partner to Accelerate COVID-19 Research – Read more…