How Compliance Prevents the spread of a “Virus”

In the last few weeks & months, we have gradually seen how an uncontained biological virus can devastate communities and wreak havoc to economies of the regions. It has brought social and economic chaos globally.

When it eventually is contained and comes to pass, by all accounts, it will likely leave a heavy trail of destruction and misery to the affected entities, taking a toll on both human and non-human capital and a mountain of economic costs involved in rebuilding and restoration.

When we look to post mortem, we have to ask ourselves the following key questions – What is the origin of this malicious virus? And, How did it become to be such a monstrous destructive force multiplier?

Researching those two vital questions, a common root cause theme emerges – a lack of adherence to compliance standards and not adequately preparing for risk mitigation.

Without getting into the politics of administration and the inevitable blame game that comes with it, this is an opportunity where we can draw parallels between biological health and IT health, to examine and revisit the essentials for a healthy systems operations – be it a human or an IT system.

Clearly, a breakdown or lack there of adherence to compliance standards and a weak or non-existent risk mitigation strategy has contributed to the origin of the problem and it’s subsequent spread, respectively.

We at Biarca Inc, are constantly seized of the issues of security & compliance, and strive to stay on top of ours and our customers IT systems security standards. Our product Biarca Patrol was designed and implemented with sole focus on an early stage compliance standard provisioning & deployment and then adherence to it with real-time monitoring and remediation processes. Thus, protecting our customer projects asset base on the cloud.

With Biarca Patrol in place, it protects most IT system assets on the cloud, will detect a misconfiguration at its origin and in course will prevent a viral spread of it from impacting other systems through real-time notification & mediation, where possible.

Author: Bhasker Nallapothula, Director of Engineering, Biarca