SOC 2 Certification Readiness for a “Data Operations” Company

One of the coolest Cloud Computing Companies of 2019, while wanting to stay focused on their product development involving customer data, they wanted to make sure they will be ready for the System and Organizational Controls 2 (SOC 2) Certifications.

Biarca worked with the customer to prepare them for SOC 2 Type I & II Certifications.

The Challenge

While customer’s primary focus was to implement a unique product solution, the team also wanted to make sure that the policies and procedures across the entire organization were documented and followed ensuring controls related to organizational security, transactions and confidentiality of data, were in compliance. Furthermore, they also desired a mechanism to easily access the reports.

Customer also wanted to address how their customers’ confidence could be increased in their ability to secure operations.

Biarca’s Team of Security experts worked with the customer to address the current challenge of compliance and their operational security solution.

Solution from Biarca

As part of initial engagement, after a thorough review of customer’s requirements, Biarca’s team of security experts did a gap analysis and gave a recommendation of the steps to be taken. Based on these recommendations, Biarca worked in tandem with the customer for implementing the recommendations to help prepare the customer for SOC 2 Type I & II Certifications.

Biarca also worked with the customer’s Leadership Team to define the scope of the compliance program in order to come up with a set of policies and procedures for all the departments – IT, HR, Admin & Finance, Management, Product Management, Engineering and Business Operations.

The following policies and procedures were put in place by Biarca:

  • Monitor infrastructure and help build an environment for unusual system activity
  • Monitor user access levels and system configuration changes
  • Continuous security monitoring detecting potential threats to the application
  • Implement alert procedures to prevent any fraudulent attempts to access confidential customer data
  • Design detailed audit trails to reveal the source of an attempted attack

The team at Biarca worked closely with the customer to successfully prepare them for the SOC 2 audit.

Customer Value Proposition

SOC 2 Certification Readiness Solution done by Biarca helped the customer:

  • Focus on the primary objectives of their desired product/solution
  • Leverage Biarca’s strength to their advantage by accelerating SOC 2 readiness
  • Reach a wider audience for their product
  • Reduce sales cycle time and effort
  • Reduce time and cost of due diligence with fewer security questionnaires
  • Increase customer confidence and show commitment towards maintaining uncompromising security standards in the different departments of the company

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